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Laura Gilly
Age: 33
Worked for: Cantor and Fitzgerald
Originally from: NY
Resided in: Long Island

Laura and I worked together at and Airline, she was a great person with a smile on her face and a fun laugh....I felt she needed to be remembered here aswell......

You'll be missed Greatly, my heart goes out to your Family and Friends....I'm blessed to have known you
Submitted by: margaret kelly ()

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No words that i can say can relieve the grief all those who new her must feel. I have never met gilly laura, im a 15 year old kid that lives on the west coast. But i do know that the pain was felt all across the country. Your loss has given me and my friends the first real knowledge of what it means to be an american. We will never forget anyone who was taken on 9/11. May god give you strength.
-- Jayme (Fellow American)
12 Nov 2001

She Savored the Precious Days in the Sun
BY: Steven Kreytak. STAFF WRITER
DATE: 02-05-2002

As she leaned back in a beach chair, her face to the sun and toes in the Jersey Shore sand, Laura Gilly would often pronounce to her friends: "I love my life."

"We'd say that all the time," said Phyllis Fribourg, a friend of Gilly's for the past six summers at a share house one block from the shore at Point Pleasant Beach. "She liked being in the sun and drinking mud slides. She could sit out there 12 hours a day."

Gilly, 32, had traveled the world as a flight attendant for Tower Airlines, but called Point Pleasant Beach her favorite place, said Fribourg, also a flight attendant.

Sitting still was contrary to Gilly's high-energy personality, friends and family said, but it was something she was growing to like even more.

Yearning to have weekends and holidays free, Gilly left the airline in 2000 and took a job in technical support at Cantor Fitzgerald.

The sad irony, Gilly's mother, Phyllis, said, is that after years of worrying about her only daughter's safety as she flew around the world, Gilly's parents finally felt safe having her in New York regularly. "...And she got killed by a plane while sitting in a building," her mother said.

Gilly was in her office in the north tower on Sept. 11.

"She was thrilled," when she got the Cantor job, Fribourg said. "She was ready to give up flying and have a stable life. And she loved working in the World Trade Center."

Raised in Bensonhurst, Gilly was a cheerleader at Lafayette High School and always had "an effervescent personality," her mother said. She went to Kingsborough Community College for two years before joining Tower Airlines, which is now defunct.

"She saw places you could never even think of," her mother said.

Gilly spent nine years traveling to far-flung destinations such as Kuwait, Russia and Thailand. One of her favorite places was Israel, where she could lie on the beach, Fribourg said.

At one point, Gilly lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, for three months to work strictly on flights ferrying Muslims there on a holy pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Gilly lived in Bay Ridge with her two cats. She often went out with the young staff at Cantor, usually on Thursday nights and often to Windows on the World, the restaurant on the 107th floor of Tower One.

And she always relished her times at the shore. There, Gilly would always cap a day in the sun with a night at the bars and clubs. Gilly and her two good friends - Fribourg and Danielle Hoffman - knew everybody, and rarely had to pay for anything, especially at Jenkinson's, their favorite nightclub, they said.

Hoffman said she calls on Gilly's constant optimism and happiness to get past some of the sadness of losing her.

"She had such a positive outlook. If you were worried about something stupid, she'd say, 'Just get over it.'" Hoffman said. "She'd say, 'I have a choice to be happy or not, and I am going to choose to be happy.'"

Rest in peace, Laura. My sympathy once again goes out to her family and closest friends.

-- anonymous (Friend {})
05 Mar 2002

I always am thinking about you...all you have tought me. I still cry. So many things I never got to tell you.

May your soul rest in peace, and God willing, we will meet again someday.

All my love........KM
-- An old friend....... (Friend {From Brooklyn})
19 Apr 2002

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