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Lt. Thomas O'Hagen
Age: 43
Occupation: Firefighter
Worked for: NY Fire Dept
Originally from: Riverdale, NY
Resided in: Riverdale, NY

I didn't know Tom. I thought he should be on this list.
Submitted by: Jay Dooling ()

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When Thomas G. O'Hagan was 7, he tried to stamp out a fire in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, but his pants caught fire. He ended up with second- and third- degree burns. "Even with all that," said his brother Raymond, "and all the pain that burns cause, Tommy wanted to be a fireman."

In a family of 11, where his grandfather, father and two brothers were police officers, Thomas O'Hagan's decision to become a firefighter, and later be promoted to lieutenant, set him apart. "Tom was very different from the rest of us," said the eldest of the five O'Hagan brothers, Frank O'Hagan, a banker. "While the rest of us are kind of quiet, Tom was very loquacious and extremely generous with his time, money and advice."

Lieutenant O'Hagan, 43, lived in Riverdale, where he grew up, and was an enthusiastic firehouse chef who knew all the best recipes because they were his own. He had been assigned to Engine Company 6 a few weeks before Sept. 11.

If anyone needed a hand, his brothers said, Tom O'Hagan's voice was first to be heard. He was dedicated to his wife, Andrea, and their twins, Patrick and Pierce. After his mother died in May, Lieutenant O'Hagan visited his father at least three times a week and often more. "He was there for dad a lot," Frank O'Hagan said. "That speaks volumes about his generosity."
Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 25, 2001.
-- Jay Dooling (Friend {})
12 Jan 2002

On that fatal day you went out to carry out your
mission, not knowning what lay in store as your team did. You and the rest of your comrades gave the ultimate price that a fireman/woman can give, in protection of lives of others. I salute you and your crew, it makes the those of us that were unaffected by the disaster, a more humble people.
May God is wisdom protect your family and friends.
-- Michael Clarke (Friend {Retired Soldier})
12 Sep 2002

I just want to express my deepest sympathy to the entire O'Hagen family, Tom's wife and children. I
grew up directly across the street in Riverdale and was best friends with Toms sister Clare. Clare & I caught up after many years (25) but I had moved to Pennsylvania and in relocating
lost my address book. When I found out that Tom was lost in the WTC attack I was numb and saddened. I desperately wanted to tell Clare and the rest of the family how sorry I was for their loss. I pray for Tom everyday and for his family. He will always be remembered as a "Hero". Clare my email gooleymp@rcn.com I miss talking with you. Lets not wait another 25 years.
-- Mary Gooley (Maiden Name Sheedy) (Friend {Sister Clares Friend})
31 Jan 2003

My husband grew up with Tommy. On September 10th there was a softball game that Engine 79/Ladder 37 has every September. I was there with my 2 younger kids and my husband Mike (also a fireman). I always heard Tom's name mentioned in conversations, so I asked Mike "which guy is Tommy O'Hagen?" He pointed over to a picnic bench where Tom was sitting with his twin boys, Patrick and Pierce. He had one boy on each knee and looked so proud and happy, it was perfect picture of love. We all went out after, and I can't believe the nightmare that was right around the corner....I hope nobody EVER forgets!
-- Maureen (Friend {})
07 Dec 2004

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