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George Patrick McLaughlin
Age: 36
Occupation: Futures Trader
Worked for: Carr Futures
Originally from: Matawan NJ
Resided in: Hoboken NJ
School: Matawan Regional HS
College: Wesley College
Submitted by: Irish Tribute ()

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George Patrick McLaughlin


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Happy New Year George!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for taking care of me this season, and everyday. I miss you terribly, stay close, because I can't do it alone.
Your'e the best and will always be!!!!! Thanks for all of your signs, the best are when Michael brings you up and something you have done, they get me thru many days.
I Love You!
-- Trish (Friend {})
05 Jan 2004

I am still waiting for you to call, maybe this is one of your true meanings of "penciling you in". You are taking this a bit too far. I don't want to have to use the eraser. NEVER.
Carolyn is so serious all the time. *(ha ha) She doesn't return phone calls. You need to straighten her out. Where the hell is Mike Mckinly MIA. Can you see him anywhere from where you are standing?

Eddie looks as better as ever now he just has a wife and a sister to badger him, I think you would hgihly approve of the wife especially at the beach.
I miss you more than any words could begin to desribe.
I love you George McLaughlin

PS: Watch out for my dad he's in South Shore
I Love You Forever!!!!!
-- Trish (Friend {})
03 Feb 2004

Thinking about you, and East LA! Hope you have North LA rolling! "I'll meet you there".
-- anonymous (Friend {})
11 Feb 2004

Hey Baby,

It's been awhile but I know you've been busy. Thanks for checking in with me when I needed you the most (as you always do). You helped me through the loneliness once again and pushed me forward. We are so blessed to have you. Ann Marie and I are still looking out for each other. THANKS BE TO GOD for you and Ann Marie and your family. PEACE. Love you.
-- Isa MacCutcheon (Friend {})
31 Mar 2004





-- ron p. (Friend {})
10 Sep 2004

I just want you to know that it has been 3 years and there is not a day that I don't think of you...you are in heaven and know that already. I want your family to know that I think of them everyday and pray for them. Your family is great and it's nice to see a tight knit family and that is how they survive everyday...God Bless your family and God Bless You!!!! Our angel, Georgie!!!!
-- Karen Bruno (Friend friend)
11 Sep 2004

It's three years now - I want you to know that even the people that didn't get to know you very well still miss you and think about you all the time. I know you are looking down upon us - and I can't listen to a Springstein song without thinking about you. I wish I got to know you better - but I know one day we will meet again and share laughs together again.
-- Kim Marcelliano (Friend {})
11 Sep 2004

Hi Georgie,
I wish so much that you were here. It feels like forever that we haven't seen your beautiful smile or heard your contagous laughter. When I hear Mark talk about you, even though it's usually a funny story, I can see the sadness in his eyes and I feel it too. We truely miss you!
I know it's one of the mysteries of life, but it's just so hard to accept why such a young, caring, loving, good person has to leave us so early "ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG" I guess. I pray for your family everyday and hope that they're OK. I know that you know all that is going on around here and must get a pretty good laugh every once in awhile but please always keep us close to your heart because you're always close to ours.

Miss you always,

-- anonymous (Friend {})
13 Sep 2004


It has been over three years now, since that day. I recall trying to comfort my brother as he asked me, "Georgie's OK right? He'll be OK don't you think?" Three days later, "There's still hope, isn't there?" And now, as I grieve for the death of that brother, it seems like only yesterday. The thought of you and Big Jim together now brings me overwhelming comfort. Thanks for always being there for him George, then and now. (Jimmy Maguire: 13 April 1965 ~ 30 Sept 2004).
-- Marianne Pfister (Friend {Friend's sister})
11 Oct 2004

I can't believe Big Jim is with you now. I had such mixed emotions but I know you took care of him from that instant. He is safe and happier than ever with you. You touch so many people, it truly blows my mind. I know I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for you. Thank you and I love you!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
-- Trish (Friend {})
02 Nov 2004

-- ron p. (Friend {})
25 Dec 2004

Happy New Geore!! and Big Jim!!!!!!
(The lot is all a mess, cars are everywhere without Jim directing.
I hope yours was happy, with Big Jim at your side how could you not have.Thank you sooooo much for all you have done for me, I feel you all the time, and I am so dam selfish because I want you here alive.
I want you to know that there is not one day that goes by that I don't think about you and talk to you,(but you already know that) I hope you are not napping? (haha) I don't
I love you!!
-- Trish (Friend {})
01 Jan 2005

Happy belated 40th B'day! I know that you and Big celebrated it in style. "Leave it on the tape" till we meet again. You are missed/thought of everyday, always. Peace, & two taps.
-- anonymous (Friend {})
30 Jun 2005

I was in college with George and had lost in touch with him after I returned to India in 1994. I came back in 2000 and have been trying to locate him. Today I came across this site and was shocked and deeply sad to learn that George had passed on.

George, I have the best memories of you and what a wonderfull person you were. I will miss you and will pray for you. I know you are one of god's good people and are in heaven.

I am really going to miss you.

-- Vik (Friend {})
11 Jul 2005

I just learned from Vik today that you left us in the terrible tragedy of 9/11. You were the one person that welcomed Vik and myself into Wesley college, being foreigners, and showed us a good time. I can still recall the days that we spent on campus and I will always cherish them. You are and were very special and I have never forgotten you.
I will miss you and know that you are in a happy place and that I will see you again.
-- Julius (Friend {})
12 Jul 2005

Dear Georgie,

Today is September 11, 2005 marking four long years since you were taken from all who love you so very much. Time heals nothing! We miss you today and every day!

Love & Peace, Georgie!
-- ron p. (Friend {})
11 Sep 2005

We miss you today and everyday. God bless you Georgie. We love you!!
-- anonymous (Friend {})
12 Sep 2005

You are in our hearts - not just today but always and know that you are deeply missed. I know you are in a better place.

God bless you my friend.
-- Vik (Friend {})
12 Sep 2005

Hey Baby,

We had such a fun time in Ocean City last weekend in Honor of you for the Endowmend Fund for Wesley College. Once again, we were all together sharing a beautiful, sunny day. (I know it was you smiling down on all of us). The coolest part of it is how all of your gang brought their children to share this special day. The next generation does and will have a part of you as well. Not to mention how much they are starting to love Ocean City. Johnny and our girls had so much fun playing together, swimming and the beach. We made a weekend of it and we partied for you at the hotel. We stopped for Hoagies on the way out Sunday and sat at the picnic tables in the alley way. A strong breeze came through and we felt your hug.

Love ya.
-- Isa MacCutcheon (Friend {})
23 Sep 2005

Dear Georgie,
Your former little sis-in-law here. Lately, I've been thinking about you alot. In the past, even when the family tie was severed, you were like a brother and your words gave me hope when I was hurting. I'm having a hard time again so I thought I'd talk to someone who's sitting next to God. It's Basiles' B-day in a few days, and I know he hurts. Please be there for him because I know he misses you as much as we all do. May god always care for you and your family. Love
-- Nicole (Friend {})
17 Oct 2005

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