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Michael Canty
Age: 30
Occupation: Broker
Worked for: Carr Futures
Originally from: Schenectady, NY
Resided in: New York, NY
School: Linton High School
College: Loyola College, Baltimore
Submitted by: Irish Tribute ()

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-- Irish Tribute (Friend)
05 Oct 2001

From NY Times Oct 8, 2001

'Plans for a Proposal'

What Michael Canty, the seventh of nine children, wanted most was to create a family like the one in which he grew up in Schenectady, N.Y. He loved having lots of like- minded people around him. He accumulated friends B from childhood, Loyola College and Carr Futures, where he was a trader B and drank beer with them at bars like Molly's and Chumley's in Lower Manhattan. He was the friend his friends turned to. All of them called him their best friend.

He spent weekends at the Canty family house on a lake in the Berkshires or with Erin Clifford, whom he planned to marry. They took their first trip to Europe last summer: one day in London and 12 hours in Paris, where, Ms. Clifford said, they saw "the front of every building" and ate in the city's "only bad restaurant."

Mr. Canty, 30, was thinking of memorable ways to give Ms. Clifford the ring on which he had a deposit. He was leaning toward the Berkshire house as a setting, and here was the plan: he would take her out in the boat and drive near the shoreline, where his 16 nieces and nephews would brandish a sign: "Will you marry me?"
-- Anon ()
07 Nov 2001

From Schenectady Daily Gazette

A Son, "A Dreamer," A Victim of Terror

Reporter for The Daily Gazette of Schenectady, NY

SCHENECTADY - Michael Canty had 16 nieces and nephews, all under the age of 10. Vibrant, young and full of fun, he was their favorite uncle, the guy who took the time to talk to them, to play their games, to make them smile. On Tuesday morning, 30-year-old Michael Canty was at work on the 92nd floor of one of the two World Trade Center towers when an airliner crashed into the building. "On Tuesday, we had hope," said his mother, Kay. On Wednesday, hope dimmed as the family realized for certain that Michael's office was above the crash. "We thought if he had been below, he would have had a chance to get out," she said. Now, Michael Canty's family - his parents, his eight brothers and sisters and all those nieces and nephews - are gathering at the family home in Schenectady. Erin Clifford, whom Michael planned to marry next autumn, is on her way. "That was his dream - to marry and have children," said Jim Canty, his oldest brother.

On Monday morning at 11, a memorial service in his honor will be held at Our Lady of Fatima Church. His family and friends are devastated, but drawing some solace from being together. "We know Mike wouldn't have wanted this to hurt our spirit," said Ed Canty, his father. His parents are also mindful of other families facing similar devastation. "When you think about the rippling effect this has had on our family alone," Kay said, "and then you realize that this is happening in 5,000 other families." "Michael had a very strong Catholic faith," said Jason Bach, an old friend from Schenectady. "He would have wanted us to know that he's gone to a better place. "His family and friends want the world to know Michael Canty was a warm, wonderful, caring man much loved by those around him. "He was very genuine, very gracious," Bach said. "He was quick with a joke and incredibly well-read. And he was a dreamer; he could have done anything he wanted. "He was the kind of guy who kept in daily touch with his parents and siblings, by phone or by e-mail. On Monday night, he phoned home with well wishes for his parents, who were due to travel to Italy on Tuesday. "And he sent an e-mail, full of adjectives like `stupendous,' about Italy," said his father. Kay and Ed Canty were at home, on Hampton Avenue, packing Tuesday morning when the news broke about the terrorist attacks. "At first we thought it was just a commuter plane, but that we had to wait to hear from Mike before we could go anywhere," Kay said. Eventually, going anywhere became moot.

Nine children
From a simple Victorian-style house at the edge of Central Park, Kay and Ed Canty - a schoolteacher and an accountant - raised their nine children and sent them out into the world, first to college and then to careers as teachers, accountants, lawyers, engineers and, in Michael's case, as a commodities broker dealing in gas and oil. Michael Canty loved being in New York City and he loved working in the trade center. "He was up so high that some days the sun would be shining out his window when it was raining below," his mother said. Michael, the seventh child, went to Loyola University in Baltimore, majored in finance and eventually settled in Manhattan and went to work for Carr Futures at the World Trade Center. "It was fast-paced, and he liked that," said brother Jim. "When you think of a commodities broker, you think of someone loud and aggressive, and I can tell you, he wasn't a loud kind of guy," said Vince Versaci of Schenectady. "But he actually liked it, although he eventually moved off the [trading] floor. "Versaci and Mike Canty became friends in the fourth grade at Howe Elementary in the city. The friendship continued on through their years at Central Park Middle School and at Linton High. When Versaci got married, Mike was his best man. "He was the
-- Anon ()
07 Nov 2001

Michael R. Canty
A 'Favorite Uncle' Who Balanced Work, Family
October 5, 2001

Perhaps one of the reasons Michael Canty was such a devoted family man was because he grew up with eight brothers and sisters.

Canty, 30, originally from Schenectady, is one of about an estimated half-dozen World Trade Center victims from the state capital region. Canty worked as a broker for Carr Futures, a commodities exchange that was situated on the 92nd floor in Tower One.

"He wasn't a high-pressure person at all," said his father, Edward, of Schenectady, discussing the fast-paced commodity business.

"He enjoyed his career but wasn't necessarily wedded to his job," he added.

Canty's father said his son was totally dedicated to his family.

"He loved children. He had 16 nephews and nieces and was sort of a favorite uncle," the elder Canty said.

A finance major who graduated from Loyola College in Baltimore, young Canty "was an all-around sports person who participated in a handful of intramural sports," his father said.

He planned to marry his fiancee, Erin Clifford, next year.

The Canty clan is well known in certain sections of Schenectady. Hundreds of mourners attended a memorial service for Canty at Our Lady of Fatima Church. His father said that a scholarship fund has been set up in his son's name there for local high school students: The Michael Canty Memorial Fund, Key Bank, 436 State St., Schen- ectady, N.Y. 12305. --Bill Kaufman (Newsday)
-- Jay Dooling ()
15 Nov 2001

Little Mikey...

Mike and his family are part of my earliest memories. What a beatiful, beautiful family - in every way. I can only imagine how deep their sadness must be at times when thinking of Mike; I wish I could help ease that in some way.

There is nothing more I can add to the wonderful tribute Mike's family gave to him at his memorial service. Although Mike had turned into an incredible man, with a lovely girlfriend, my memory will forever recall him as a five year-old, smiling, ear to ear, constantly, alongside Caker.

A short sonnet about character is the only thing I can think of to share at this time:

He whose inborn worth his acts commend
Of gentle soul
To human race a friend

I will pray for you always, Michael.
-- Christine O'Sullivan (Friend {Friend of the family})
05 Mar 2002

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