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Edward Geraghty
Age: 45
Occupation: Manhattan Battalion Chief, Division 3, Battalion 9
Worked for: FDNY
Originally from: North Valley Stream,NY
Resided in: Rockville Centre, LI
School: Holy Cross H.S.
College: St. John's University
Submitted by: Irish Tribute ()

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My son, Danny Kane, and Eddie went to St. Boniface Grammer School and Holy Cross H.S. I remember Eddie as a smiling, happy-go-lucky kid who love to play basketball. I haven't seen him in years but I know from my son that he was married and the father of 3 children. Both his father and brother were firemen. It saddens me to think of his life being cut so short. We would like to know of any memorial in his honor so we could attend.
-- Patricia Kane (Friend)
05 Oct 2001

At St. Agnes Cathedral in Rockville Centre, L.I., Battalion Chief Edward Geraghty was remembered for his extraordinary bravery and dedication to job and family.

"You are my hero," said his son James, 9. "You went into the World Trade Center when everyone else was running out. You are an amazing person."

The family of Edward Geraghty mourns the hero firefighter.
"One goal I am setting for myself," added son Connor, 13, "is to follow in your footsteps, to be such a great man to my family, my community and the nation, just like you."

And son Colin, 5, said: "I got your golf club from your firehouse. When I see you in heaven, we can play."

In and outside the massive cathedral, Geraghty was hailed as a role model to his family and his Battalion 9 at Eighth Ave. and W. 48th St.

"There is no one better than you, my dear Eddie," his wife Mary wrote in the program. "You are all that is honest, noble and right in this world. I will devote my life to finishing the job we started in raising these beautiful children."

Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen said the 23-year FDNY veteran B one of 343 firefighters to die in the Sept. 11 carnage B was among a group that "carried out the greatest rescue in history."

"He was everything you would want in an officer," Von Essen went on. "Several times I asked him to take on a difficult job. He never said no."

Leading the service was the Rev. Thomas Catania.

"His smile will still be as broad as the ocean," said the priest, "and his love just as deep."

His brother Steve, also a firefighter, reflected on their childhood that included five other siblings.

"Ed wasn't a bad kid, but a Dennis the Menace kind of child," said Steve. "Ed was the third born in the family and probably the first kid to give his parents gray hairs."

In a service attended by thousands of uniformed firefighters from around the country, Firefighter Joe Nardone said Geraghty was a "truly exceptional leader."

Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings" and Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me" echoed through the great cathedral.
-- Anon (())
26 Oct 2001

An Important Message from CONNOR GERAGHTY
14 y/o Kellenberg HS Freshman

Firefighters from all over have come to the aid and rescue of victims of the tragedy in New York and Washington D.C. Many firefighters have lost their lives to save someone else's. The truth of the matter is they do this every single day.

They truly are heroes. I know many people feel helpless, especially those who live far from NYC and D.C.

We all want to do something, show our appreciation, our support. I think we can.

In honor of the bravery, courage and determination of American firefighters, there should be a day in our nation to celebrate and appreciate their hard work and never ending passion for saving lives.

Let's start a petition for a National Firefighters Day. Will you join me? Every September 11th shall be National Firefighters Day. Please join me!

I lost my Dad on September 11th. He was a chief in the New York City Fire Department. He lost his life with many other heroes that day as victims of terrorism! I think we should honor all those other heroes who lie still today! PLEASE JOIN ME!

Thank you.

Connor Geraghty--Rockville Centre, NY (I love you DAD!!)

Please send all responses directly to Connor at ceg8587@aol.com.

(Note: from UrbanLegends.about.com: http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/blfirefighters.htm?PM=59_0101_T

Comments: While we are still of the opinion that email petitions are inadvisable and mostly useless (for a variety of practical reasons), we're obliged to report that this one is not only sincere and authentic in origin, but may even have a shot at accomplishing its goal.

The New York Post confirmed in its November 15, 2001 issue that Connor Geraghty, the 14-year-old son of NYC Fire Department Battalion Chief Edward Geraghty, who died in the rescue effort after the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, launched the petition to honor his father and other firefighters who have lost their lives at Ground Zero.

Due to its rapid worldwide circulation and concomitant media attention, the Post reported, the petition has sparked "an international movement" and won acknowledgement from at least one member of Congress. It's hard to imagine the heartfelt document won't eventually end up on the desk of President George W. Bush himself.

Do note, however, that there are similar petitions in circulation started by other parties, the authenticity of which we cannot vouch for. As a practical matter, citizens who back Connor Geraghty's proposal for a National Firefighters Day are best advised to write directly to the White House or their Congressional representatives and say so.

You can visit the site ConnorBs fatherBs site at:

-- Jay Dooling ()
03 Dec 2001

My Uncle Eddie was a wonderful person, and a role model for me my whole life. I have never been able to express my grief for him because I've been so consumed with the grief of my father who I also lost on 9-11

My Uncle/Godfather had so many wonderful qualities. I can't express what a wonderful father he was, I have so many memories of him, but the one that sticks out is when he told my husband & YOU CAN NEVER EXPERIENCE LIFE UNTIL YOU ARE A PARENT - and what a proud parent he was, and how right he was!

Words can never express how you are missed by so many people, but you are always in our hearts and memories.

We Love you!
-- Christine DeAnglels Caputo (Cousin {Niece/ god-daugheter})
26 May 2004

I did not know him, but he is my hero.

I hope you do not mind me posting.
-- Jo Allen (Friend {})
20 Mar 2005

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