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John E 'Jack' Connolly Jnr
Age: 46
Occupation: Manager
Worked for: Eurobrokers
Originally from: Staten Island
Resided in: Allenwood, NJ
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From the NY Times


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I didn't know John, but he is a Connolly! I extend to his family my sadness and my prayers. I will remember him in my Masses.
-- Fr. Joseph F. Connolly, TOR (Cousin)
05 Oct 2001

John E. Connolly Jr.

--------------------------------------------------When it came to his lawn, John Connolly Jr., who went by Jack, was a perfectionist. He spent upward of 10 hours each weekend mowing, pruning and mulching his acre in Allenwood, N.J. Neighbors teased him to stop making them look bad, but lawn work was his way of kicking back after work.
"I think it was just relaxing for him being outside, away from the craziness of trading," said his wife, Dawn.

During the week, Connolly, an international money trader with EuroBrokers, left his house at 3:30 a.m. and arrived at his office on the 84th floor of the World Trade Center's south tower in time to call colleagues in Tokyo and London.

His unusual hours meant that he was home in time to coach his children's baseball and soccer teams. Come nightfall, daddy and his three children -- Dineen, 11; John, 9; and Patrick, 6 -- raced to see who was tucked into bed first.

Connolly could make friends with anybody, his wife said. One year, the couple celebrated Oktoberfest in Germany. The friends they made that day sent them postcards for a year, in German, which they never understood.

Children felt comfortable around him despite his 6-foot stature. He had a big smile and blue eyes, crowned by more pepper than salt in his hair. He grew up in a tight-knit community on Staten Island and studied at local Wagner College.

He believed in paying last respects when friends and family members died, so his wife wanted to give him a proper burial: a casket filled with mementos of his life. His son wanted to include the lawn mower, but settled for burying his garden work boots.

B-Letitia Stein (Chicago Tribune)

--------------------------------------------------John Connolly worked for Euro Brokers at theWorld Trade Center. His job involved talking to brokers in London and Tokyo and it required himto get up at 3:30 a.m. each day for the drive to Manhattan. But that meant he would get homeearly enough in the afternoon to coach the sports teams of his children, Dineen, 11; John, 8;and Patrick, 6. His wife remembers the first time she met him she was taken with his Bblue eyesand bright Irish smile.B
--The Associated Press

-- Jay Dooling ()
29 Nov 2001

John Connolly, 46, Euro Broker executive, loved family, sports

He and his wife would have celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on Sept. 27

Saturday, October 13, 2001


John E. (Jack) Connolly, 46, was born on Christmas Eve, and his brother, Kevin, said it was the perfect holiday for his brother to be connected with -- he was a jolly guy and a lovable ham, and was his children's own personal Kris Kringle.

"He loved all the extra attention at Christmastime," Kevin said.

Jack Connolly and his wife, the former Dawn Ann O'Brien, would have celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on Sept. 27. But the assistant vice president at Euro Brokers was working on the 84th floor of Tower 2 of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, and is among the missing.

Mrs. Connolly and her future husband met in a West Brighton tavern. She was from New Jersey, and didn't know the place was a local hot spot where her future brother-in-law worked, or that the Connolly boys were fixtures on local sports teams, and both tended bar in different locales, to the delight of loyal patrons. She only knew his eyes were blue, and she would feel forever safe in his arms. They were married in 1986.

Mr. Connolly was born and raised in New Brighton, and graduated in 1972 from St. Peter's Boys High School. He continued his education at Wagner College, where he earned a bachelor of science degree.

He had worked his way through college as a bartender at the former Demyan's Hofbrau, Stapleton, where he was affectionately known as "Slice," because he could down several pizzas at a glance.

After they married, the couple moved to Redondo Beach, Calif., for a year, to pursue Mr. Connolly's business opportunities. But they returned to the East Coast, living on Staten Island temporarily before moving to Middletown, N.J. They moved to Allenwood, N.J., five years ago.

Mr. Connolly worked at the New York Daily News for a short time as an accountant, but left to pursue a career on Wall Street -- taking a position as a money broker for Tulletts, now known as Tulletts & Tokyo, where he spent 13 years.

Seven years ago, he began working at Euro Brokers. Mr. Connolly often brought clients from all over the world to visit his brother, Kevin, a firefighter with Ladder 3 in Lower Manhattan.

"I think he was more proud that I was a fireman than I am," said Kevin Connolly. "If I responded to an alarm in his building and it was by his office, I would stop by. He always dropped everything for me." Kevin Connolly was transferred to Ladder 78 on Staten Island three months ago.

An accomplished athlete, John Connolly enjoyed golfing and playing softball. He played touch tackle and softball on the Island for the borough's bar-sponsored teams, and played for the Woodpeckers in the Freehold Men's Softball League, where he was known as "the Rocket."

He also devoted time to coaching softball and baseball for South Wall Little League, and he and his wife, soulmates even in sports, coached soccer together in Wall Township.

Mr. Connolly often entertained relatives and friends at many family functions by dancing Irish jigs with his brother and two sisters, Marie Khan and Eileen Haggerty, who were both schooled in the art.

"Everybody thought he and I went to school for it, too," said Kevin Connolly.

Of course, the Island's St. Patrick's Day Parade was almost bigger than Christmas for the Connolly brood.

A true family man, John Connolly also shared a warm relationship with his wife's parents, William and Rosemary Carrara O'Brien, and a slew of nieces and nephews.

He was a proud member of the Clove and Victory Democratic Association, and was supposed to leave work early on Sept. 11 to help close friend and candidate
-- Jay Dooling ()
29 Nov 2001

I did know Jackie, as he was known to me growing up on Crescent Ave. in Staten Island, when I was a child. He went to school with my brother Jim. I will always remember him as a happy guy who teased me occasionally, being 13 years younger. Looking at his pictures here I see he didn't look much different from my memories. He still had all of that hair.
I was stunned and saddened to hear of his loss. I've prayed for his family often. I hope that someday they will find peace and solace.
-- Carol Stoffers (Friend {})
12 Sep 2002

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