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Frank Callahan
Occupation: Captain, Manhattan firefighter, Division 1, Battalion 9
Worked for: FDNY
Originally from:
Resided in:
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Frank Callahan

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My name is Frank Callaghan. I am a native of Belfast, Northern Ireland. My father is also called Frank Callaghan. We are both proud to share the name of a hero like Captain Frank Callaghan of the NYFD. I share his familie's loss because I feel a little piece of me is with him now wherever his soul is. I pray I may be able to bring such credit to the name as he has and to be as worthy to bear this name as he.
God bless you and take you to his heart Frank.
To his family I send all my prayers and love.
-- Frank J Callaghan (Friend)
05 Oct 2001

From NY Daily News Dec 11, 2001

'Captain Gave His All'

sually a venue for music, dance and celebration of the arts, Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall yesterday was a place for tears, hugs and commemoration of a life ended too soon.

Family of fallen Ladder 35 Capt. Frank Callahan enters Alice Tully Hall for memorial service yesterday.
Capt. Frank Callahan of Ladder 35 was remembered by family, friends and fellow firefighters for simply doing what he always did B giving his all to his work B when he was killed in the World Trade Center collapse Sept. 11.

"He was a good man, a good firefighter and a great leader," Capt. James Gormley said. "He was a quiet man, but he always got the best out of his men, and I was proud to work with him."

Callahan, who lived with his family in Breezy Point, Queens, was a 28-year FDNY veteran who returned to the department even after being laid off during the municipal budget woes of the mid-1970s.

His daughter Nora, 20, spoke lovingly about her father's devotion to his job.

"When I first heard about the Trade Center attack, I thought my father's skills would keep him alive," she stoically told the overflow crowd. "But then I realized that he was so committed to his job that his own safety would be the last thing on his mind."

In addition to Nora, the 53-year-old Callahan leaves behind his wife, Angela, and their three other children: Harry, 23, Peter, 16, and Rose, 13.

Callahan's brother-in-law John Lang warmly recalled the fallen firefighter's love for his family.

"Family always came first for Frank," Lang said. "He loved and would do anything for his wife and children."

Practical Joker

Lincoln Center management made Alice Tully Hall available for the service out of gratitude to Ladder 35, which is just down the street.

Yesterday's crowd frequently burst into laughter when told of Callahan's penchant for practical jokes.

"You wouldn't expect it out of him because he was so quiet, but he was always playing jokes," said Firefighter Robert Menig, who served under Callahan at Ladder 35.

"One of his best was when he told us that headquarters wanted us to count the trees downtown to improve our preparedness.

"Somehow, the boys bought it."

Engine 40 shares Ladder 35's upper West Side firehouse. The two companies lost 11 men in the Trade Center disaster.

"Ladder 35 couldn't have asked for a better leader or someone more committed to his men," Menig said. "Frank's a hero."

As the service ended, Alice Tully became a music hall once more when the crowd tearfully sang "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" as the Callahans filed out.
-- Anon (Friend { })
11 Dec 2001

From NY Times, April 21, 2002
Frank Callahan: A Dream Realized

Frank Callahan, 50, was living his dream. As a boy and a young man he had wanted to be a firefighter. In 1970, when he met Angie Lang, the woman who would become his wife, at a party at a volunteer firehouse in Breezy Point, Queens, he had not yet attained that dream.

"He was on the list," Mrs. Callahan recalled, referring to the men and women who had passed the written and physical tests to be firefighters and were waiting for the call. It came a few years after they met. Mr. Callahan was appointed in September 1973. "That job was all he ever wanted," Mrs. Callahan recalled. "That was the best thing that ever happened to him."

In the years that followed, the couple had four children: Harry, now 23; Nora, 21; Peter, 17; and Rose, 13. Mr. Callahan was promoted to captain in 1997 and months later was transferred to Ladder Company 35 on the Upper West Side, but the family did not have any big parties. "He wasn't big on celebrations," Mrs. Callahan said. A quiet man, Mr. Callahan liked to read about the Civil War or World War II. "He'd rather sit and be home," said Mrs. Callahan, an eighth-grade math teacher in Middletown, N.Y.

As the children grew, Mr. Callahan taught them how to ride bicycles and play basketball. But Mrs. Callahan's most cherished memory was when her husband and Harry, then not older than 5, worked together on the exterior of their house in Breezy Point, with Harry helping his father with the hammering. "He was his little helper; wherever Dad went, he went," Mrs. Callahan recalled. "He was very good with his kids that way."
-- Anon (Friend { })
03 May 2002

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