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Thomas Cahill
Age: 36
Occupation: Securities trader
Worked for: Cantor Fitzgerald
Originally from: Franklin Lakes, NJ
Resided in:
School: Indian Hills High School
College: Johns Hopkins University '86, Baltimore, MD
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Thomas Cahill

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From NY Times Sep 30

A Crowded 37 Years
Thomas Cahill knew his father, Jim, really wanted to win a recent golf tournament at the Metedeconk National Golf Club in Jackson, N.J. But that did not keep him from having some fun. He stuck a chunky cigar in his mouth, winked at the caddy and nonchalantly told his father: "Don't worry, big guy. It's all under control."

Then the younger Mr. Cahill sank the ball into a hole about 14 feet away. The Cahills, father and son, took home a trophy that day.

A natural athlete, the younger Mr. Cahill had skied in Utah and Colorado, trolled for fish in the Bahamas and putted on all the golf courses in Ireland by the time he was 37. He worked as a securities trader at Cantor Fitzgerald, and lived near his family in Franklin Lakes, N.J.

"He enjoyed life," said his mother, Kathleen. "And he fit an awful lot in during his 37 years."
-- Anon ()
30 Oct 2001

To Thomas my unknown brother.Rest in Peace.
-- Eileen Cahill (Family namesake)
22 Nov 2001

We worked together at K.M.S So many laughs at that place.I'll never forget. God Bless you Tommy
-- Carol Phelan Mcgrath ()
30 Nov 2001

From Johns Hopkins University Web Site

Together, the brothers Cahill rode the school bus, joined a fraternity at Hopkins, started successful careers, and moved within blocks of each other in their New Jersey hometown. Together, they spent weekends fishing on a boat named for their grandfather, reveling in the strong bonds of family.
Jim Cahill '85, older by just 17 months, could not have imagined he would deliver his beloved brother Tom's eulogy, but in a September 22 memorial service in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, he did his best.

Recalling the words Sen. Edward M. Kennedy used to remember his brother Bobby, Cahill told the more than 800 friends and family who gathered that his younger brother "loved life completely and lived it intensely."

Tom Cahill '86 worked as a bond broker at Cantor Fitzgerald, in New York's World Trade Center. He had followed in what his brother calls the "family business," immersing himself in finance as his grandfather and father had before him. That Tuesday morning, Tom was excited about a new position with another firm in the city; he was set to start work there Thursday. On Friday, September 14, he would have celebrated his 37th birthday.

But the close-knit Cahill family is not dwelling on "what-ifs." Their remembrances are of a handsome young man who loved to play, worked hard, and knew how to be a true friend. "My brother gave his friendship totally, 100 percent," says Jim Cahill. "He was very loyal. If you had his friendship, you had a lot."

"He just made friends with everybody," says sister Kathy Psirogianes, who lived around the corner from Tom. "There was this homeless guy in New York City, and Tom used to take care of him like he would take care of me. He took this guy to Barneys to buy him shoes. He treated people the way they should be treated. He was very humble--he loved his friends and having fun, but he had a more spiritual side."

At Hopkins, Tom Cahill considered a premed track like his older brother--Jim Cahill is now an orthopedic surgeon at Hackensack University Medical Center--but ended up studying economics. The brothers were in Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity together, and Jim remembers his brother's easy grace, describing him as a "very gifted tennis player" who made the varsity team.

After college, Tom followed his father's path to Wall Street--the senior James Cahill was a bond salesman. Tom skied with friends in Utah, went golfing in Ireland, and fished with his brother and other pals on the Bucky C, named for grandfather William Cahill.

His sister remembers how much he loved his young nieces and nephews, always ready to splash around in his pool with them or give them rides on his back. "Tommy hadn't found the right girl, but he would have made a great father."

In keeping with Tom's love of children, contributions can be made to the Don Imus-WFAN Pediatric Center for Tomorrow's Children, a foundation for children with cancer at Hackensack University Medical Center, 30 Prospect Ave., Hackensack, NJ 07601.

Tom Cahill is survived by siblings Jim Cahill, Kathy Psirogianes, Kerry Kerin, and Chris Cahill; parents James Cahill and Kathleen Cahill; and four nieces and nephews.

Jim Cahill says his brother and the others lost in the attacks should be remembered as patriots. "There are no words that can capture this for the country, let alone for each family. It's an act of evil. But hopefully these people who have sacrificed their lives will save the lives of millions. They are all heroes." Especially Tom, adds Jim. "I was proud to be his brother." --Mary Mashburn
-- Anon (Friend { })
28 Jan 2002

-- KATHY (Sister {})
31 Aug 2005

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