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Peter Brennan
Age: 30
Occupation: Firefighter
Worked for: FDNY
Originally from: Ronkonkoma, Long Island
Resided in: Hauppauge, NY
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Five Brennans among dead and missing at World Trade Center

Five Brennans are among those reported dead or missing in the terror attack on the World Trade Center in New York City on Sept. 11.

The Long Island, N.Y., newspaper Newsday has the most comprehensive list of victims posted online. You can find it online at http://cf1.newsday.infi.net/911/victimsearch.cfm

According to Newsday, there were three Brennans working in the World Trade Center who are dead or missing. Edward A. "Ted" Brennan and Frank Brennan worked at the bond firm Cantor Fitzgerald, where about 700 of 1,000 New York-based employees died. They have both been declared dead. Tom Brennan, an employee of Sandler O'Neill & Partners LP, was declared missing.

The other two, both declared missing, were among the heroic firefighters, police officers and rescue workers who rushed into the buildings to help evacuate people just before the collapses.

Michael Brennan was a Manhattan firefighter in Division 3, Battalion 9. Peter Brennan worked at Rescue 4 in Staten Island. Newsday has a lengthy story and photo of Peter Brennan at this web address http://cf1.newsday.infi.net/911/victimsearch2.cfm?id=417

Tom Brennan, the honorary clan leader of the Brennans and a New York lawyer, reports that one of his daughters worked at the World Trade Center. Through luck, she escaped the disaster.

"Beth, a former Manhattan assistant D.A. who's now with the Enforcement division of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, had an office on the 37th floor of the north tower of the world Trade Center. Thank God, she had taken Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off (having made the arrangements only the week before). All of her office-mates made it out safely, but with some horror stories to tell," Tom writes.

All of the Brennans express their condolences and sympathies to the families who lost loved ones. We can only hope that justice is done to those responsible for this senseless, misguided and evil act.
-- Jay Dooling (Friend {})
27 Dec 2001

From NY Times Dec 24, 2002

'Peter Brennan: A Lifelong Ambition'

A librarian in the elementary school that Peter Brennan once attended found his name on a card in a library book and gave it to his wife, Erica. The book? "I Want to Be a Fireman."

Mr. Brennan joined the Lakeland Volunteer Fire Department at 16, served for years as a volunteer, most recently in Hauppauge, and six years ago finally became a New York City firefighter.

It was his dream, even while he was a New York City police officer for several years. (Walking a beat in Queens, he rescued an elderly couple from an apartment fire.) More recently, he stopped at a fire in Ronkonkoma and B in street clothes B saved three trapped volunteer firefighters.

On Sept. 11, Mr. Brennan, who would have been 31 today, came off vacation to fill in for a colleague in Rescue 4, an elite unit that specializes in saving lives. "He died doing what he loved at probably the greatest fire he'd ever been to," said his wife, Erica Brennan, who is expecting their second child. "I can see him on the truck being excited on the way."
-- Anon (Friend { })
30 Jan 2002

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