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Ann McGovern
Occupation: Claims Analyst
Worked for: AON
Originally from: Bronx
Resided in: East Meadow, NY
College: Hunter College
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From NY Times Sep 25, 2001

'The Light of Her Life '

On a return trip from Long Island to her apartment in Manhattan two weeks ago, Terry McGovern had the sudden idea to surprise her mother, Ann McGovern, with a visit. In her arms, she carried her newborn, Liam AndrC)s.

To her delight, Mrs. McGovern, who was in the shower, ran to meet them at the door, half dressed and dripping water, and began yelling for her husband: "Larry, Larry, look who is here! Liam is here! Liam is here!"

And that's how Ms. McGovern says she will remember her mother: exuberant, happy, full of life. Mrs. McGovern, who lived in East Meadow on Long Island, was a claims analyst for the Aon Corporation and worked on the 93rd floor of 2 World Trade Center, the first tower to collapse. A native of the Bronx, Mrs. McGovern drove a black sports car and was an avid golfer who had recently made a hole in one.

But her biggest thrill, Ms. McGovern said, was her youngest grandson, Liam AndrC)s, born two months ago. Several times a week, she would leave her job and sneak in a visit with her daughter and the baby in the Upper West Side. "She'd drive me crazy," Ms. McGovern said. "She would show up at all hours, saying she just had to see him. She called him the light of her life."
-- Anon (Friend)
25 Oct 2001

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