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Kevin Cleary
Age: 38
Worked for: Eurobrokers
Originally from:
Resided in:
College: Fordham University '91
Submitted by: Irish Tribute ()

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Kevin F. Cleary

Kevin Cleary loved the stage. A stockbroker from Euro Brokers, hebecame a part-time actor three years ago. Cleary had just finished a production of BWaitingStation,B and was preparing to play Lenny in BOf Mice and Men.B BIt was so amazing that herehe was 38 and starting a second career,B said his sister, Cate Cleary. His office was locatedin Tower 2.
--The Associated Press
-- Jay Dooling ()
28 Nov 2001

I knew Kevin primarily as the unbelievably caring brother of my dear friend Cate. I attended Kevin's final performance (Cayote on a Fence, I believe) with Cate and I remember being so moved by his performance, so impressed with this "second career," so impressed with how fully he was living his life. And ironically thought: this is a man that will have no regrets when he leaves this earth, because he is living his life so umbelievably fully and honestly. Kevin gave of himself, in every way, always. The number of stories of the time Kevin gave to his friends and family are now legendary...the 4am conversations, the shoulder to cry on, the inspirational fire to others' dreams. The loss of Kevin is a tragedy to so many...and I will pray for him and his family forever.

He who's inborn worth his acts commend,
Of gentle soul,
to human race a freind.
-- Christine O'Sullivan (Friend {Friend of the family})
05 Mar 2002

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