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Terry Farrell
Age: 45
Worked for: FDNY
Originally from:
Resided in: Dix Hills, Long Island, NY
Submitted by: Irish Tribute ()

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New York Fire Department Picture

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His Moment of Realization: New York Newsday
Nov 9, 2001


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-- Anon ()
26 Nov 2001

From NY Times, Nov 10, 2001

'Giving His Very Self'

Terrence P. Farrell lived close to the flame, said his brother Dennis. As a transit police officer, Terrence Farrell's specialty had been disasters. In the Fire Department, he joined Rescue Company 4, an elite unit specially trained to do things like extricate people from collapsed buildings.

Mr. Farrell, who was 45, was not simply a New York City firefighter. He was also a volunteer fireman near his home in Huntington, N.Y., a part-time construction contractor and a father of two. And, a few years back, he helped save the life of a child in Nevada by donating his bone marrow.

Here is that story. When Mr. Farrell joined the department, his blood had been tested as part of a program to screen for potential bone marrow donors, Dennis Farrell said. Told years later that his blood matched that of a small girl dying of t-cell lymphoma, he underwent the painful process of marrow extraction.

A year later, he learned that the child was considered cured. She and her family flew to New York and had lunch with him at the World Trade Center, his brother said.

On Nov. 1, they were back. Fellow firefighters had raised $3,000 to fly them to New York for Mr. Farrell's funeral because they did not have the money.
-- Anon ()
26 Nov 2001

I went to school with Terry. He was a friend and an amazing person. I think of him often and how he died helping people instead of himself. He was that type of person. He has been missed and will always be remembered. My prayers will always be with him and his family. Rest in peace, Terry. It was an honor to know you.
-- Michele (Friend {})
11 Sep 2005

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