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Some of us were luckier than others. Those whose friends escaped, or who were injured but lived, those who took a different flight, those who were not in Manhattan that morning. But each one of us weep the same tears, share the grief. We have all been marked by the awful events of September 11th, and we know that things will never be the same. Don’t stay silent. Please help grow this Irish Tribute with your thoughts, stories, poems, songs, prayers ... This is not a discussion board: There is no shortage of such places for people to air their many views on the calamitous events of September 11, 2001, and their continuing aftermath. This is a site dedicated to the memory of those who died on that day. It is not a debating forum. Please respect it.

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..."I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me, and I'd proudly stand up, next to you and defend her still today-cause there ain't no doubt I love this land...God Bless the USA".

My heart is with all of you.
-- Chandra Berndt

As a Police Officer of 23 years, I have seen several of my fellow Officers fall, but none have affected me as 9-11. Without fail, our fellow Officers and Firefighters ran to the towers and without hesitation, did what they do best. Without a doubt, they are true HEROES! My heart still cries at the thought of our fellow Officers and Firefighters still lost in the rubble. Only when they come to eternal rest will our hearts start to heal. GOD BLESS THEM ALL!
-- Police Officer Lawrence M. Gardner

Like a Bullet in the Dark

It came from the sky like a bullet in the dark,
Hitting a building and lighting a spark.

Suicide bombing, hi-jacking a plane,

People died we donBt know the names.

Wondering in fear if it will happen to others,

Maybe our sisters our mothers our brothers.

The people who did it left us no clues,

We all stuck at home, crying the blues.

Will my husband come home and kiss me tonight,

Or will I tuck myself in dreaming in fright.

The twins came down they used to be tall,

The feelings we felt were stronger than all.

The pentagon was hit, leaving another scar,

We prayed to god and wished on a star.

To get on a plane we will be taking our chances,

Looking around taking second glances.

Security will change and so will our lives,

Hopefully we wonBt fear the look of the sky.

Remembering the day when so many died,

Looking back on the day when so many cried.

WeBve all learned from this mishap and its time to move on,

To lead with an example to show where weBve gone.

We will live in peace no matter what it takes,

We will fight for our freedom; weBll set the stakes.

BWeBll smoke them out of theirs holes.B Said Bush to the nation,

So we can all live in a happy plantation.

We can talk to our children, stand proud and say,

YouBre so lucky you have life this way.

Your life is so plentiful with things you donBt see,

You have no worries about war and poverty.

No terrorists to hide from, no race to fear,

Your future is respectful, ready and clear.

Better than ours, before us and before theirs,

Make the right choices and you will have no fears.

In memory of everyone who lived and died on September 11 2001

-Jacylin Jeffries
-- Jacylin Jeffries

From an Irish person in Nebraska, my heart is forever linked with NY via relatives and the place it played in our family's lives. May God Bless all of you,watching the ceremony this am, I felt the connection with all the beautiful symbolism. Perhaps, thats where the Irish come in so strongly, the mystical and unspoken. A tribute also to other nationalities involved, we are all united in this grief, recognise evil and Please God we can get beyond it all. God love you, Firemen, Police, Rescue people, Ironworkers etc. etc. you are a credit to NY and USA. Its what our world should be about.
-- Eithe Vinton

A dark cloud landed on us,
pain hit us,
no more love for many of us,
no more joy for some of us,
where did love go,
where did unitement go,
who are we anymore,
stand by me, stand by us,
I love you,I love you,
we are still together,
heroes are in our minds,
loved one are in our memories,
we will always be together,
lets love each other,
you and me.

I hope that the events of 9.11.01 will not mar the future of The United States in any way.
What happened can never be forgotten and was true ly horrific but if we can move forward in the best possible way may God give us the peace to do so in a bright and joyous way.........

An Irish citizen
-- anonymous

As the 1 year anniversary draws closer to us, I find my self wanting to look for a calm peaceful way to remember all of those lost on that day. I will lift each one up in quiet prayer, those who worked in the WTC and those heroes that died trying to save them. It is with hope that with time, our pain will ease and we will always remember our loved ones!! Please take time on 9-11 to look for some blessings in your life and remember that Life will go on and the Lord willtake care of us.
I will always remember being in Ireland in October 2002 and having all the Irish wish me well because they knew I was an PROUND IRISH AMERICAN. Their kind words and hugs willnever be forgotten!!
-- Jeannine

I have written a an instrumental piece for all those who died. The Irish love to sing and music will always be a great comfort to them in their sorrow. Is called "On a bright New York morning". you can hear it at

-- dara

I miss everyone that died that day like old friends. I miss you Sammy. You didn't call.
-- Dee

Keep the faith. American 1st-Irish Always!
We will never forget!!!
-- Theresa Daly-New Jersey/Mayo

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