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Some of us were luckier than others. Those whose friends escaped, or who were injured but lived, those who took a different flight, those who were not in Manhattan that morning. But each one of us weep the same tears, share the grief. We have all been marked by the awful events of September 11th, and we know that things will never be the same. Don’t stay silent. Please help grow this Irish Tribute with your thoughts, stories, poems, songs, prayers ... This is not a discussion board: There is no shortage of such places for people to air their many views on the calamitous events of September 11, 2001, and their continuing aftermath. This is a site dedicated to the memory of those who died on that day. It is not a debating forum. Please respect it.

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As a Irish Woman, I am so sorry for all the familes that have lost ones in this sensless tragedy.
All you need is Love
John Lennon
-- Erin Rosales

As an Irish person in Kentucky, my heart is joined with the Irish families of New York victims of 9/11. The course of history is played in our hearts as we remember that this event ---like so many others --- has created a grief that will begat strength. Ours is a strong people - Irish - American alike. We will overcome. We will never forget.
-- Dana of Kentucky

September Sundown

Tapering skies hushed, heavy feet on concrete-
Timid, floating through dusk delicate.

Huddled sobs in the backyards and undertrees.
Inside bathrooms, and basements, blank stares
off a rocking chair, moist eyes in the slightest breeze.

Thousands of words colliding into one another,
through kitchens and back rooms, in the blueish glow of a million televisions. Sidewalk strangers slow each other down,
to hold onto history before they let go.

This afternoon, out in the distance. The great machine drops to its knees, coughing up dust and pieces of us, chalky grey plumes of death and disgrace, where new faces ever-changed. That once-great exchange. Tatters of trust
and tears, I turn away.

I cannot whistle as I did last night. Nor daydream of childhood, yellow mornings or cartoons. Whisper nor scream
atop commuter curbs. The newly arrived streetlight gleam, and I think of you.

Tears trickling off my chin. Scanning upward and outward, at a darkening sky and old trees. My arms out in disbelief. And the hidden crowds lamenting,mothers and sons in uncontrollable grief. We have changed.

Give me back the dusk before, the orange skies through open doors. The way I searched
with doubtless eyes, and walked a certain stride.

Or ignore my words, and loosen more tears-

For they are all gone, and I am still here.

-- Brian Campbell

I just wanted to say it has really had the most profound effect on me, more than any other disaster, war, famine etc.
My thoughts are with you and I was gripped to the TV coverage yesterday, our prayers are with you all and may good come out of this and God be with you all.
Please keep going and make the most of every day and try to live it as if it was our last!
-- Caroline MacCaughey

For those of you living with the pain of lost loved ones; as well as you brave one's with overwhelming guilt for living through that awful day. All of your faces are etched firmly in my heart, know you are revered by many, and kept warm in hearts of love.
Words often fail to ease the malice that seeks to destroy a soul, but souls of light can never be dimmed. They can only be weakened, while they search for strength in thelight.
Fly on the wings of happiness, do not let despair be your constant ally.
Sweetest friend, hold firmly onto life. Your existence will always have meaning~even through grief, loss and strife. Live your life with purpose and vigor; bidding solace to be at your side.
You must remember you are immensely cared for; you are deeply ingrained in our collective hearts and minds.
May God's peace find you, always.
-- J Carter Swords

We must never forget the ones that died on Sept 11th, 2001. Our country lost 3,000+ souls that day and we lost much more as a country. The families of the lost will never forget so it's up to the rest of us, to remember them always. This country is stronger now, but we must not ever forget why we are!

My friend and his wife wrote a song called, "Wake Up Sleeping Giant", and is their tribute to Honor all the ones lost on 9-11. I had the Honor of being aksed, to play harmonica to this wonderful song and I can tell you, it wasn't easy to play. Please come on over to our website and listen for yourself. Thanks for listening. Peace to all. God Bless The USA...

"Wake Up Sleeping Giant"

John Hubbs
A 1/4 Irish American & Proud!

-- Johnny Hubbs

On that day when the weight deadens on your shoulders and you stumble, may the clay dance to balance you.
And when the ghost of loss gets into you, may a flock of colors-- indigo, red, green, and azure blue--come to awaken in you a meadow of delight. When the canvas frays and the stain of ocean blackens beneath you, may there come across the
waters a path of yellow moonlight to bring you safely home.
May the nourishment of the earth be yours, may the clarity of light be yours,
may the fluency of the ocean be yours,
may the protection of the ancestors be yours,
and so may a slow wind work these words of love around you, an invisible cloak to mind your life.

From Anam Cara by John O'Donahue
-- Theresa Gilliam, Meredith, New Hampshire

I am a 24 year old Irish-American who has always been raised to love both the country from which my grandparents departed and the country which gave them the hope and realization of a better life for themselves and for their children. I carry that torch proudly.

I just want to say to all of the Irish citizens who continue to care for their Irish-American brethern to this day.... Your love and compassion in light of your own turmoil gives us hope and comfort in light of this tradgedy and pursuit of those whom carried it out.

I know that many countries hate us, but we are loving people and we only want the same freedom for others that we enjoy every day. Many Irish-Americans died on September 11th, a large number doing that which their Irish forefathers did best....put others lives before their own. Please remember this and do not let it fade.

You are our connection to the motherland and will, as our own Irish families, be held close to our hearts. Thank you from one very proud Irish-American.

May God Continue to bless the Irish Nation and the United States of America.

Thank You,

Kevin Patrick McGlue
-- Kevin Patrick McGlue

"i remember Paris in 49, Jean Denise and all the bejaoulais wine, and I recall that you were mine, on those Parisien days" this song,"Parisienne Walways" is written by two guys, Mr Philip Lynott and Mr Gary Moore. A great song that reminds us all of how love can change our lives. Love for one and eachother. Both Irish, incredible human beings! I love Ireland and the way you live and all it stands for. I pay my deepest respect for all the people who lost their lives on the 11th of September.
-- thomas petersen

I am an Irish-American who was living in Galway on September 11, 2001. The outpouting of sympathany and love was amazing. The Irish people did their best to make feel better in that time of utter despaur. I wanted to say thank you and God bless Ireland. May we have the strength to move forward but never forget that tragic day
-- Chris Hanlon

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