Irish Tribute: A Memorial to the Irish victims of the attack on America of 11 September 2001
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President McAleese
Statement by President McAleese to mark National Day of Mourning

US President George W Bush
President George W Bush gave this radio address on September 15th

Bertie Ahern
Excerpt from the statement by the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern in Dáil Éireann on Tuesday, September 18, 2001, in regard to Terrorist Attacks in the United States of America

Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said these words at the Citywide Prayer Service at Yankee Stadium on September 23rd

Cardinal Egan
From His Eminence, Edward Cardinal Egan: As New Yorkers came to realise the awful scale of the attack, many of the city's Catholics turned to Cardinal Egan for guidance.


Last two to be pulled alive from WTC tell how they were saved
Port Authority Police officer Will Jimeno and Sgt John McLoughlin were virtually dead centre in the 16-acre complex when the first building collapsed, burying them in debris.

Four missing Irish alive in NY hospital
FOUR Irish construction workers, feared dead by their families in the World Trade Center attack, turned up alive, although seriously injured, under different names in a Manhattan hospital.

Everything went pitch black. That's when I thought it was certainly all over
It was still early in the morning. Not all the lawyers and secretaries were in the office yet. I was at my desk, working away. Suddenly there was a huge bang and the building shook violently, swayed back and forth. I tried to stand but couldn't. Even the windowpanes seemed to bend.

Cork FDNY Officer recalls events
MARY Dorgan in Cork City must have trembled when she saw the images of New York City's monumental twin towers burning and crumbling. But not solely because of the brutality of this terrorist act. Mary's son Michael is a New York City firefighter, one of a handful of Irish-born FDNY officers who were on call when terror struck from the sky.

In search of a friend
IN June, I served as best man at the wedding of my best friend, who, up until Tuesday, worked on the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center. At 9:59 a.m. on that bloody day, I stood at Fifth Avenue and 25th Street, and saw a tornado of dust and debris form down at the end of the block, like a force of nature, which the clouds were certainly not.


Tuesday, September 11, 2001
The day the world changed forever    more

A deep sorrow all over Ireland
THE connections between Ireland and New York are so close that almost every weekly provincial paper in Ireland carried a story about a local or American-born relatives of local families who perished or narrowly escaped in the World Trade Center disaster    more
Irish Voice
Carpenters union hit hard
ON the morning of September 11, 21-year-old Brian Monaghan and Martin Coughlan, 53, were on top the world - literally    more
Irish Voice
Irish community mass in NYC
There will be a Mass this weekend which will give people a chance to pay tribute to the Irish victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks    more
Irish Voice
The day death came calling
IT'S ONE of the most enduring images we have of the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center    more
Irish Voice
Bravery personified
"Our job was to get up to the floor where the plane hit to reach people there. That's what we were determined to do," said Firefighter Mike Kehoe    more
Irish Voice
Time to love our country
The World Trade Center was always the first visible city icon on the Long Island Expressway drive west, letting us know that Manhattan wasn't too far away    more
Irjsh Voice
Cork FDNY Officer recalls horror
MARY Dorgan in Cork City must have trembled when she saw the images of New York City's monumental twin towers burning and crumbling    more
Irish Voice
Woodside remembers the fallen
THE Irish community in New York was hit incredibly hard by the World Trade Center disaster last week and the service in Woodside reflected that    more
Irish Voice
Currivan was 'One of a Kind'
"HE was one of a kind," David Smith said, remembering his friend Patrick Joseph Currivan who was on board the second plane from Boston that crashed into the World Trade Center    more
Irish Voice

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